On the frontier worlds, it doesn't matter where you came from - a human colony, with it's cities of glass and steel, a hazaru living settlement or the crystal palaces of the Cyronian Empire.
It doesn't matter if you spent your childhood in the scorching deserts of Sparta, the icy tundras of Harrev, the blue hills of Rycos, or the vivid jungles of Khadija.
It doesn't matter which color the sun had, which rose over the horizon at dawn and sunk below the mountains at dusk - if you even called a planet your home and weren't born aboard a spaceship or a station, that is.
Regardless - today you are a traveller amongst the stars.

You have seen the stars leap. A sight, you won't forget for the rest of your life. The jump-drive of a vessel carried you lightyears through space, or a stargate brought you to a system across the galaxy - in the blink of an eye.

"Torwelten" takes you to a universe, where profundly diverse species and factions set out to explore and conquer the unknown fringes of the Hyperion sector. Discover ancient ruins, monumental cities, sleepy frontier colonies, and worlds no Human - or Hazaru, Cyronian, Antarian, Ko, or Douwg ever set foot upon.

Dive into the court machinations and struggles between the noble houses of the Novaropean Alliance. Explore ruins of lost galactic civilisations and uncover the secrets of the ancient stargates. Follow the first contact with an archaic culture on a remote world - or answer the emergency signal of a frontier terraforming project. Mingle with the pirates of Tortuga, or foil the mad plans of the Deciples of the Lords Wrath.
Take your ParaTec Lupus rifle and grab the bull that is the Hyperion at it's horns! Begin your own epic story in front of the magnificient backdrop of the Torwelten.

This section looks at the everyday life in the Torwelten universe. How do people live in the Hyperion sector? What factions and cultures take part in the galactic game? How does a jump-drive work and what the hell is a Fergusson-field-generator?

Rules turn a cooperatively told story into a role playing game. See - it's all about rolling dice - hence the name. Just kidding.
This section explains the core rules for players. Which dice are used? What does a skill test entail? How to create a player character for an adventure and so on.

Here you find ingame information and descriptions for your characters gear and guns, mixed with some necessary values to work with the rules. How much will a sword cost? Can I obtain grenades - or not? And how does a Curatin fruit taste like? (Not good, I tell you. Nobody eats it voluntarily) ...

For novice and experienced gamemasters, this section offers ideas for creating your own adventures, handy explanations and cheat sheets for creatures and hazards and general tips and tricks for running the game. As well as some secrets hidden in the Torwelten - for you to know and for your players to uncover. So - players: Don't read this and don't ruin your fun.

Here you'll find solo-adventures to get your toes wet with the Torwelten universe and group adventures to dive right into the fun with your storyteller.

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